red wine

Better to go to the gym or enjoy a glass of red wine

The resveratrol contained in wine, in red wine in particular, can help the circulatory and cardiovascular system by facilitating blood flow and heart functions, almost to emulate a training session in the gym. Researchers are carrying out meticulous research that could involve diabetic patients and where a type of “alternative therapy like this” could help and facilitate the lives of sufferers with the same effects as a workout red wine online.

However, doctors are still hesitant to advocate the use of this therapy, also because it must be borne in mind that the benefit can be obtained by drinking only one glass per meal. The benefits of red wine could be multiple by helping to reduce the absorption of “bad” cholesterol, as an anticoagulant, reducing the risk of cataracts as long as it is drunk or better tasted in moderation.

A glass of red wine a day can extend your life. Drink it in moderation.

The properties of red wine have long been known to combat cardiovascular diseases. The most recent scientific studies on the beneficial actions of some components – such as polyphenols, anthocyanins and resveratrol – are still under development to demonstrate that their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power acts favorably on female health.

Some examples: reduction of fractures of the femoral head, increase in bone density, protection of the gastric mucosa; they also have a significant estrogenic e ff ect that helps women during menopause. The red wines is enriched with these precious healthy compounds during the months of natural drying of the grapes in boxes. It is precisely in this important phase that the berries enhance their concentration of polyphenolic compounds. Wine is considered almost a drug and as such requires administration in established doses: 1 or 2 glasses a day with meals . A healthy pleasure that you should not be deprived wine online


Red wine and beauty

The beneficial secrets of red wine are largely contained in resveratrol , which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory . Resveratrol is produced by some plants, with the aim of defending itself from various pathogens. Among the plants containing resveratrol we find grapes, its concentration is higher in red wine than in white wine, because it is found more inside the skin . Furthermore, in the production of wine, in the maceration for the red skins and seeds are included, while in the white they are excluded.

One of its effects is the anti- aging effect , as it is known to smoke, to abuse alcohol, to be stressed, to expose oneself in a reckless way to the sun , are habits that contribute to the formation of free radicals, which cause oxidative damage.