Solve the Crossword Puzzles

Learn the Tips to Solve the Crossword Puzzles

Our routine begins with a cup a tea and a newspaper to read. While newspaper covers the stories all around the world, newspapers have been also been awaited daily for the intriguing crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzle enjoys the position of being one of the most popular games across the globe. The history of crossword puzzles can be dated back to the 19th century where the early crosswords appeared in children’s books and other periodicals. They have grown to evolve as the favourite pastime for adults since then. The game’s intriguing nature to find crossword puzzle answers makes it one of the most engaging games even in today’s busy life.

What is Crossword Puzzle?

Crossword puzzles are available in almost all the newspapers and magazines. Many publications also offer such puzzles online, thus, making them freely available. However, the question arises as to what the game actually is.

intriguing crossword puzzles

A crossword puzzle is basically a word quiz wherein a rectangular grid that consists of black and white squares. The aim is to fill the numbered white squares are to be filled with the answers by solving the clues and forming words or phrases based on the clues given and the pattern of the numbered white squares. The black squares are given to separate a word or phrase.

Tips to Solve Crossword Puzzle Quiz

Enjoying to solve a crossword puzzle does not need any kind of expertise. Perhaps if you are solving the puzzle, you need to keep these simple tips in mind that can lead you to the answers.

  • Use a pencil – The first and foremost thing is to work in pencil. While there are high chances of making mistakes, these mistakes help you to become a better puzzle breaker.
  • Work according to the theme – Make sure to check if the crossword puzzle quiz has a title. If it does, then think of the words that match the clue and go with the theme as well. Mostly, only clues that have long answers in a puzzle are related to the theme.
  • Try to solve smaller word entries first – Begin from solving the clues that have 3-5 word entries. This paves the way for solving some of the difficult clues as well.
  • Solve fill-in-the-blank clues – These clues are the easiest to break.
  • Try to crack trivia – Trivia clues do not involve wordplay and pretty straightforward which are quite easy to answer. Moreover, if you are not able to solve the trivia question, there are always outside sources to help you solve them pretty easily.
  • Focus on acronyms and abbreviations – More often than nit, the given clue tells whether the answer is an abbreviation with a ‘Abbv’ denotation and thereby helps to solve complex crossword quiz answers.

Crosswords become an addiction if you play every day, however, this only helps to improve and grow one’s vocabulary. So, without taking much stress for solving the crossword puzzle answers and enjoy the game.

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