genuine leather sofa singapore

5 things to know about leather sofa

It is known that leather is one of the most popular upholstery coverings for our sofas, sofa beds, corner sofas, chairs, and footstools. If you are in confusion to choose coverings for your sofa, don’t worry you will come to the conclusion after the section that leather is the best choice.

Genuine leather is made of natural product which is more durable and has unique hiding characteristics to cover your sofas.

Making of upholstery leather

A salted cattle hide is soaked in chemicals to dissolve the hair follicles and get swelled. Later it split through its thickness and a separated upper layer is used as upholstery leather.  After it has been tanned through a chromium-based tanning process and it is allowed to dry. The hide is graded by size and used as full-grain leathers or corrected grains based on the degree of scarring and blemish.

Types of leather

Pigmented leather, aniline leather, and semi-aniline leather are the different types of leather used for sofas and chairs. Pigmented leather is more durable than the other two types and consistent in the surface. Natural look aniline leather is less resistant to soiling. The third one is somewhere between on other two types of leathers.


Quality leather sofas with supportive frames and soft cushioning give more comfort. For this reason, many therapists and psychologists prefer leather sofas during their sessions.


Genuine leather sofas are most durable and their lifetime can be increased with the right care and treatment. The inherent water resistance property makes it easier to clean. They are dust-free so there will be no need of dusting them like other types.

There are many genuine leather sofas are available online. It is the best place for purchasing a genuine leather sofa singapore.