All about bitcoins

All about bitcoins!

Bitcoin is the first digital currency aka Cryptocurrency and one can send this money to others over the internet. Unlike other currencies this currency cannot be controlled by anyone that is there is no central authority to regulate bitcoins. Also they are not printed but are created by people and one can get this crypto currency in numerous forms like bitcoin mining, playing online games, through online faucets and other ways.

It was developed by anonymous Nakamoto Satoshi in 2009, based on the idea of having no authority to regulate the currency. Thus there will be less or no transaction fee involved when the transaction is made with this digital money. Bitcoin transactions are peer to peer due to its decentralized nature and you can make it using a software program called digital wallet. Only when you have a wallet, you will be able to send, receive as well as store this cryptocurrency.

This wallet is open source software and anyone can download in any of their device. One of the greatest merits that you will enjoy when you send or receive this money is, your identity will not be shown to public, as it is anonymous and will not make your identity to visible. The transactions are made extremely easier and also at a faster rate and all of the transactions are stored in a public ledger called blockchain. They are completely transparent that is all the bitcoin users who are registered can see the number of transactions that are made.