Help the Environment and Yourself, Recycle Your Waste

Help the Environment and Yourself, Recycle Your Waste

Many food waste are disposed of every year through regular garbage collection. This puts tremendous pressure not only on our environment but on our wallets to get people to come to pick it up and take it to a local landfill.

Even so, not everything was lost. You can do your part and solve this problem by recycling food waste. By recycling food waste, you are creating what is called commercial composting Australia. Compost is the result of organic matter that decomposes.

Your leftovers don’t sit in your kitchen also rot away, which is not going to be very fun, you do something by it, and also that is yourself bury it. I will touch more on that in a moment.

It is not easy to compost food waste. When food decomposes, the cell structure weakens, and water is released. The food is collapsed into a thick sticky mush. This mush blocks airflow, and the waste quickly turns anaerobic. Once the anaerobic bacteria take hold, a bad breath smells. From here, it all descends – the smell attracts insects and flies, and everything becomes annoying.

The first step is to get a giant Tupperware bowl that you can, from now on, put your leftovers in. Every time you have pieces that usually go to the garbage, you redirect that food waste to your Tupperware bowl.

When the Tupperware pot is full, you will bury it in your backyard. Dig a hole about one to two feet deep and empty the Tupperware bowl’s contents into the hole. Now cover the hole with dirt. This is what I am finished with now. You just recycled food waste.

Now comes the exciting part that you don’t see, but trust me, it happens. There is an entire ecosystem that lives under that top layer of soil. When you bury the food, they work hard to break it down and return the compost for you.

commercial composting Australia

Compost is full of nutrients and minerals that plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and any other type of plant require to grow and be healthy. By burying your food waste, you are reintroducing these nutrients back into your soil while at the same time recycling waste that might go to a landfill somewhere.

Just keep in mind not to bury food in the same place for 60 days. The primary ecosystem will take approximately this time to decompose the waste completely. Just pick a new location and repeat. If space is limited, you can dig a 3-foot hole, throw waste in it, then put a 2 to 3-inch layer of dirt on top, then when the Tupperware pot is full again, and you can shake it on top of that, then more dirt and so on up to the hole full. This helps them use the same space more than once.

If you want to become a fancier when your space is limited, you can build what is called a compost bin or worm box, put food waste in there with some red worms, and they will take care of the rest. When they finish eating the food that you remove from the compost that remains, mix it with your soil around the flowers, trees, and bushes and keep doing so.

Someone once said that garbage is just another product. The only thing is that no one has found a use for the litter yet. Well, in this case, you have it. Do a dual mission of helping the environment by burying your food waste.