Japanese House Design by AMOMA

AMOMA is a company that is focused on creating a very intimate space that doesn’t feel secluded. They have a collection of different houses that are known to follow comfort, privacy, hospitality, and intimacy. They also let an individual have their own space to think and create a space that they would like to be in. different architectural principles are followed to bring about a positive outlook on the Japanese house design by AMOMA. The concepts, like every building follows,are being followed here too. They follow a Japanese concept of ‘MA’ which means high consciousness about the space and a balance between different elements within and around the space. They have rare examples of contrast that make the space even more intriguing.

Concepts behind the Japanese house designs

  • The houses are very secluded and it gives an individual a very elegant and luxurious feel. They have some elemental walls that play with light and shadows.
  • A focus on the landscape is given, these gardens seem to be an important feature in every Japanese house design. They are maintained well and arranged in a pleasant way.
  • The areas are spacious and open. They follow a modern interior décor that is minimal yet sophisticated.
  • The lobby area is spacious and has enough light and ventilation.
  • The facade of these houses is kept to a very minimal and is aesthetic to look at.


Japanese house design by AMOMA is usually focused on being minimalistic yet very luxurious. All these houses follow a Japanese concept and look very spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The interiors also complement the exterior although they are a little contrasting.