lee shau kee foundation

Lee Shau Kee: A Committed Altruist, Improving Life For The Destitute.

Lee is the founder and biggest investor of Henderson Land Development, a public land aggregate. The real estate developer additionally works in monetary administrations, retail chains, inns, and frameworks for economic developments.

He was one of the early trailblazers in the land business, in Hong Kong. By the Lee Shau Kee Foundation, Mr. lee shau kee has given assets for grants, capital ventures, post-optional organizations, and inventive instructive undertakings.

The HKSC is an auxiliary school in Hong Kong that gives youngsters an innovative growth opportunity and valuable open doors for self-satisfaction has also received donations from Mr. Lee. He likewise settled the Pei Hua Education Foundation, which gave instructive and preparing valuable open doors in central area China.

Mr. Lee gave an amount of cash to send off central area China’s biggest rancher preparing program. The Warmth Project gives professional preparation to 1,000,000 ranchers and 10,000 town specialists.

He is likewise a significant benefactor to a ton of science and innovation organizations and schools in Hong Kong and China. Mr. Lee’s perspectives interests in schooling are helping the singular beneficiary as well as the bigger local area.


Projects upheld by Mr. lee shau kee foundation are among the biggest in scale. For instance, the Warmth Project was perhaps China’s biggest venture and his gifts to Hong Kong colleges have likewise been among the biggest. Later undertakings to assemble an adolescent inn, senior consideration, and public lodging offices in Hong Kong are expected to serve a huge number of people.