Number One Big Data Platform With The Best Ai Data Analytics Tool

Founded in 1998, Wisers has over 20 years of Big Data experience. Wiser’s artificial intelligence laboratory was founded in 2014. Wisers Information has been named one of the 10 Best AI Solutions Providers in the Asia Pacific by CIO Outlook 2020. Wisers Information was invited to the AI & Robotics Forum in Hong Kong to showcase the latest NLP applications that are empowering the financial sector.


Improve your brand performance with a variety of competitor analysis tools.

  • Chinese media database

A big data analytics solution based on Chinese media news databases and semantic resources, which has been growing for over 20 years.

  • Industry-leading artificial intelligence and analytical modelling technologies.

Wisers’ advanced AI analytics tools include trending topic/stock detection, sentiment analysis, image recognition, accurate topic classification, and insights.

  • Expertise in the vertical sector

With their competitive knowledge and industry analysis, our experts understand the challenges of your business.

  • AIDA AI data analysis model

The AIDA Analytics model begins with the consumer’s journey, closely tracking user perceptions, interests, feedback and behaviour.

  • Consciousness

Maximum number of page views possible for branded posts

  • Action

Consumer post-sale feedback on e-commerce products

  • Interest

Maximise digital social presence such as likes, comments and shares.

See how the magic works

  • Strategic positioning of the brand
  • Comprehensive content strategy
  • Precise media planning

They help PR professionals deliver value-added services to increase ROI through media strategy and purchase analytics. Help them understand the media environment and audience behaviour. Their big data platform covers a wide range of communication scenarios and extracts potential insights from your data. The market ai data analytics tool provides a complete solution that helps brands make the right business decisions. They inculcate artificial intelligence products such as data and media analytics tools to offer a complete solution to help brands make smarter business decisions, from media trends to industry benchmarks and digital campaign performance.