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The Benefits of Obtaining A 4COP Liquor License

4COP Liquor License is also known as the full liquor license. It is Florida’s demanded liquor license. A business owner can sell Beer, Wine, Liquor and provide catering for alcoholic beverages.The 4cop liquor license is viral and costly at the same time. It is a popular choice amongst business owners.

Reasons To Get a License

It can benefit the business owners in their revenue because it allows the sale of all alcohol, including catering. It will enable both purchase types and catering.

Facts Of Obtaining a License

  • A person should determine the kind of liquor license they need. This depends on the business they regulate.
  • The process to obtain a license is complex and time-consuming.
  • The beverage License Specialist will help to complete the application process.

 Every business ownerneeds to obtain a license to sell alcoholic items. This process requires some finance and time. But once the permit is received, this will increase the business’s revenue.

How To Obtain The License

  • Maintain an area of 2500 square feet.
  • Have the capacity to serve 100-150 people at a time.
  • Get at least 51% revenue from the food sales

Types Of 4COP Liquor License

  • 4COP Quota: Business owners use this license for day-to-day operations. This type of license allows consumption on package sales and catering and for those who allow liquor in miniatures.

Condition for this license:

  1. Alcohol sales must be by drinks only.
  2. No open package sales.
  3. Businesses must sell alcohol in quarts.
  • 4COP-SFS License: It is used for only on-location consumption. It is not transferable to another location.It requires food sales.

Condition for this license:

  1. Alcohol consumption must be by drink
  2. 51% ofrevenue must come from food sales
  3. The restaurant must be 2500 sq. feet.

 By obtaining the license, a person will have the legal right to sell all kinds of alcoholic beverages.Grantis distributed uniquely so that a person will have limited competition.Liquor of sale will not be termed illegal if someone has acquired a license. Business revenue can be increased by acquiring a4cop liquor license.