Trail running VS Trekking are they the same

Trail running VS Trekking: are they the same?

The trail shoe almost never has a correction of the runner’s support on the ground, more than anti-pronation or supination shoes, we recommend looking for a wider and more stable support than a leaner and faster one for those who prefer more protection for the ankle. On the other hand, the terrain of the trail routes never allows a standard and level support of the shoe on the ground.

These are the main features you need to look for when buying your trail running shoe .

This trail running shoe stands out for its lightness, thanks to a heat-sealed structure, therefore without seams. In addition, it is a flexible and very comfortable shoe. It allows you to travel without problems on muddy and steep surfaces thanks to the resistant sole with thick and safe lugs trail running shoes for men.

trail running shoes for men

Now let’s see what are the differences compared to a hiking shoe.

The differences between the two types of shoes are different because the objectives of the two activities are different:

The Trail Running provides agile movements, fast and snappy in difficult terrain (although not all the mountain soils are the same!) And it is therefore necessary a lightweight shoe which should not complicate the body during the race, but also protective, to avoid shocks and damage caused by rocks, bushes or other hazards.

The Trekking expected slower movements, such as walking along paths sometimes already reported and practicable. In this case it is easier to predict the risk because it advances slowly. Shoes, in this case, must protect the foot and accompany it comfortably during the journey, which develops along long paths of varying difficulty.

Wearing a hiking shoe to practice trail running could increase and anticipate the sense of fatigue or cause foot pain, because it is a less flexible shoe and adaptable to the movements of the foot and limbs.

In short, research and news certainly don’t stop there! We will continue to study and analyze for you what will present itself in the outdoor landscape!

If you plan to start your hike with a walk and then finish it with a run on the trails, then you can wear your hiking shoes and carry with you, in a backpack  of the right size, a spare pair of trail running shoes that you will wear at the opportune moment, perhaps choosing the lightest and fastest model you have in your closet!

To understand all the peculiarities of a hiking shoe, we recommend that you read a previous article. If, on the other hand, you want to choose the shoe that best suits your outdoor activities, visit our online store and find the right model for you.