Understand train simulation games

However, modern marketing simulators date back to 1955 when RAND Corporation developed Monopologs, a simulation software focused on the logistics of the US Air Force.The game put players in the role of inventory managers in a supply scenario that doubled real-life situations without the risk and expense of making the wrong decisions. The Air Force has reported excellent results using Monopologs as a standard training device.

This innovative software received such a high rating that the military in the following years ordered another 7 prototypes, including Air Battle Model I, a training module that would be used for a practical response to a nuclear threat. RAND’s success paved the way for the emergence of a new serious gaming industry and can find additional info here.

Of course, business entrepreneurs rarely postpone the recognition of the opportunity

The American Management Association signed a contract with RAND to adapt its successful war games to the business environment in 1956, and the result was a simulation of senior management decisions. Running on an IBM 650 computer (the world’s first mass-produced computer), the software was tested by the presidents of 20 large companies. With its retirement, the first train simulation was launched in 1957. In just one year, 350 educational executives and several business schools used this educational software.

The first train simulation game used in the university class was the game Top Management Solutions, developed by Schreiberin in 1957 for the course of commercial policy at the University of Washington. Since then, students have benefited more from tools specifically designed for better learning.

As the field of education develops, more and more universities are turning to the marketing of serious games as a practical application of the subject studied in the classroom. And it is easy to understand why. The use of serious games as part of the curriculum offers many advantages.

The “learn by doing” approach allows students to make business decisions without risking spending the company’s advertising budget or damaging the brand. This gives them a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge and study the possible results in a Train Sim World 2020 free scenario before realizing their ideas in a real marketing environment.

Improving your marketing skills with educational software also means that students receive detailed information in real time, allowing them to understand the consequences and scope of their decisions, linking actions with results. By reproducing the same business situation and trying different solutions, students will get a full 360 perspective. They will also learn how to properly assess certain circumstances and find ways to solve problems. In the real world, you will only have one chance to make a decision.


The commercialization of serious games allows students to try different paths, helping them to verify their action plan for a feasible task. In our accelerated and accelerated world, it is increasingly important to quickly acquire deep knowledge and convert this knowledge into profits even faster.

Serious game marketing offers students the opportunity to adapt to a very dynamic environment and develop the skills necessary to survive and perform in one of the most difficult weather conditions.