What things are required when going for a police check?

What things are required when going for a police check?

A police check is a process of getting a no-objection certificate from the police whenever you need it for any certain reasons. Although not every person wants to get a police check certificate, they are required for many reasons like getting a passport, in the start-up of new business, etc. If somebody planned to live in some other country for a long period due to any reason he required a police check certificate in that case. The process of getting this certificate now becomes easy for us because you can apply for police check through online also. Several websites give their best services to the people for solving all their issues related to this certificate. Every country has its own rules and procedure for its citizens to get this certificate. The process of applying for the national police check Australia is very simple and one can get the certificate in a few days or sometimes in a few hours. The police check investigates your background identity. They check your involvement in any criminal activity, any warrant data, any petition file against you according to the law and jurisdiction. If they found that an applicant has a clean background, he gets the certificate easily. Sometimes the number of days goes long when the police thought to take more information about the applicant from other police jurisdictions. An applicant should give sufficient time for your police so that they can check all the enquiries related to your application. In Australia, you need a national police check for any specific jobs, new business, passport application, and many reasons. There are a few different categories of the applicants in which they must provide four documents at the time of requesting application.

  1. A start of identification certificate
  2. Primary use in community certificate
  3. Two secondary document uses in the community.

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The documents required for identity proof includes the applicant’s full name, date of birth along with photo. All the primary documents that are needed at the time of application must include a photograph of the applicant otherwise he has to submit his passport size photo separately. They must attach their Australian birth certificate and current passport if they have. If a person changes his name currently and having a certificate with a former name then he has to submit a name change proof along with other documents. A marriage certificate is used as a primary community document along with a driving license, firearm license, etc. In secondary community document one can submit any two documents in the following list:

  1. Medical card
  2. Bank card
  3. Credit card
  4. Bank statement
  5. Photo identity card issued by the government, etc.