When you get involved in a mysterious crime scene

Due to the lockdown, many people finally got to view movies they had been planning on watching. Also, many people changed their favourite genre of movies and took an interest in watching movies of different genres. People got to see all these movies on various OTT streaming platforms as per their choice. The Telugu film industry also launched its streaming platform named aha,which streams all new web series, and you can also watch free movies online. After aha’s launch, people have constantly been praising the website and all the unique content offered by their services.

A favourite movie among Telugu movie lovers is the 2020 released psychological thriller movie Run. The story of this movie is nothing short of a nail-biting game of cat and mouse. The plot revolves around Sandeep and Shruti, who are a married couple living their life to their fullest. Sandeep’s life takes a drastic turn when they both decide to meet at a restaurant for their date, for which Shruti never arrives. Upon searching for Shruti, Sandeep finds out that she is dead, and there is no evidence whether it is a murder or suicide. Things turn worse when he realizes that he is also a prime suspect in his wife’s death and must prove his innocence. The initial plan was to release Run as a web series of eight episodes. The runtime for each episode was going to be around twenty minutes. The movie is directed by LakshmikanthChenna and produced by Y. Rajeev Reddy and Sai BabuJagarlamudi. NareshKumaran is the movie’s music composer, and Ahais the sole distributor of the movie. The movie was released straight on the streaming platform Ahaon 29 May 2020 and is also the first feature film to be released directly onto the streaming platform. The total runtime of the entire movie is about 87 minutes and is a nail-biting experience.

Psychological thriller movies such as Run focus on the prime suspect, and as the movie progresses, the audience comes to know about the movie’s real antagonist. The movie’s cast also plays an important role in keeping the suspense alive, or else the audience will get an idea of who the antagonist is. Such a movie’s climax is usually filled with twists and character turns to lead the story to a darker and gruesome ending. The soundtrack does half job of intimating the audience by the arrival of certain characters. The audience should be left guessing for more a the end of the movie. The direction should be good enough to answer all the movie questions, but the audience must go home, asking more philosophical questions about human nature.

To finish it up

To determine whether Sandeep has committed the crime or is framed by someone else, watch Run on the famous Telugu OTT streaming platform aha. The film is free to view and can be viewed by anyone without buying a subscription. Though buying the subscription is advised, you can view thousands of other movies and web series on the platform.