Bathroom Renovation Services

Why Consider a Bathroom Remodel in Fenton, MO?

Are you looking for the best way to update your bathroom? With all the upgrades that new materials and design can offer, it is more crucial than ever to seek out professionals who are experienced in building and designing. Below are some of the top benefits to a bathroom remodel remodeling in Fenton, MO that you should think about such as less time cleaning, reduced healthcare expenses, and more.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodel:

Reduce Cleaning Time

As you are no doubt aware, one of the most time consuming tasks involved with keeping a bathroom clean is cleaning the toilet. When you consider that there are toilets in use every day, whether by household members or visitors, you can also see why this seemingly menial task ends up taking up a lot of time.

Reduced Healthcare Expenses

In many cases, bathroom remodels can help reduce healthcare costs by decreasing the likelihood of illness. With new faucets, showers and drywall on the walls, your bathroom will be much more sanitary than it was before.

Healthier Living Space

When we hear about the benefits of home improvements and remodels, a common theme is how such projects can improve health by reducing allergens in our living spaces. These improvements reduce the dangers of mold and bacteria thriving in our homes which are especially dangerous for pets and those with allergies or asthma.


When it comes to choosing a remodeling company, you want to ensure that the company you select offers as many conveniences as possible. For example, if your bathroom was constructed before the millennium, then your options for a bathroom remodel may be limited by plumbing codes. If this is the case, then your best bet is to find an alternative solution such as installing an accessible shower or making use of a hand-held shower head.

Increased Value

When you consider that most bathroom remodels are made possible by constructing a whole new bathroom and some people don’t want to do this, it can be difficult to justify the cost. That is why it can be so beneficial to find a remodeling company that offers the option of carrying out a remodel with upgrades such as new ornamental tile and changes in wall color. This type of remodeling helps make your home more attractive and increases its value.