The Best Cream for Your Skin & Tattoos

The Best Cream for Your Skin & Tattoos

Tattoos are an extension of our bodies. These are the types of art that will never fade. That’s why when you get a tattoo, you also need to learn how to take care of it. That’s why there are many lotions and creams out in the market that you can use to help take care of your tattoo. And to most tattoo enthusiasts, the aftercare cream is the most crucial step to ensure that the tattoo looks good after it is fully healed. One of those famous best tattoo aftercare cream is from the Ink Nurse.

If you are planning on getting a tattoo soon, you should know the steps needed to take care of your tattoo while it’s healing and after. Aside from the usual instructions that tattoo artists give you, a tattoo aftercare cream will do the trick!

Tattoo Aftercare Made with Natural & Safe Ingredients

The Ink Nurse curated the perfect blend of tattoo aftercare cream for every tattoo enthusiast. The Remedy Cream is perfect for both tattoos and skin. You can use it as a moisturizer for your face and body, which is why even if you don’t have a tattoo, you can still enjoy its magnificent effects! It helps rejuvenate sun-damaged and faded ink pigment, works as an itch relief, soothes sunburn and various skin irritations, and more.

best tattoo aftercare cream

This Australian-made tattoo aftercare cream is organic, vegan, and 100% safe for the skin. It is proven to be the best product to take care of your tattoos and protect it from damage. If you want to give your tattoos extra protection every day, use the Remedy Cream to provide you with that extra care and confidence that you need!

Tattoo-Healing with The Ink Nurse

Once your tattoo is done, the artist will cover it up with a cling film to prevent bacteria from entering your skin. When you get home or after 4 hours, you can gently wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap. Pat it dry and re-wrap it again with a cling film. You may repeat the process every 4 hours until it’s bedtime. On the second day, make sure that you wash it thoroughly. After that, you may apply the Remedy Cream, and only a thin layer will do! Wash and dry at least four times a day.

Every time you wash your tattoo, don’t forget to put the Ink Nurse tattoo aftercare cream. And once your tattoo starts flaking off, remember not to pick your skin. Otherwise, it will affect the healing process of the tattoo. Just continue putting the Remedy Cream because it will help soften them so they can come off naturally. After that, you can regularly use the cream even after the tattoo is healed. Once you continue using the Ink Nurse cream, your tattoo and skin will come out healthy with the brightest results.