There is nothing scary about Down syndrome

Several features of Down syndrome, such as cognitive disability and developmental delays, resulting from the presence of extra genes from the 21st chromosome. Typically, hong kong down’s syndrome test children have an upward slant to the eyes, flattened nose bridges, creases on the palms of the hands, and weaker muscles. Not all of these features […]

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sports physio

Ankle PhysioTo Improve Balance

Your ankles are crucial to your mobility. They help you walk, run, and jump. So when they’re injured, it can be difficult to do even the simplest things. If you’re experiencing ankle pain, don’t worry—you can get relief with ankle physio. It is a type of physical therapy that is specifically designed to help treat […]

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Services offered for home health service

Why To Take Home Healthcare Support

Taking care of your loved ones is your utmost priority. Giving your children or elders healthy food and proper medication at times of illness become your first and foremost duty. However, there are times, when indulged in some official or personal task, you fail to provide any assistance to your near and dear ones. This […]

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