4 Wheel Drive Tools: What Do You Need?

4 Wheel Drive Tools: What Do You Need?

You know your SUV and truck has 4-wheel drive or 4WD. Do you know how to use it? It is time to get the most out of the ride. If you know how to utilize 4WD, take the most difficult on-road and off-road conditions.

If you have a 4×4 vehicle, perhaps you have a purpose for buying it. You may also include 4WD tools in case of towing purposes. Before going further into 4WD, you need to know the model of the vehicle first.

What is 4WD?

4WD is a four-wheel drive or popularly called 4×4, it lets all 4 wheels vehicles get power from the engine. It means it has enhanced steering control and traction. 4-wheel drive is ideal for different road conditions, such as:

  • Rough roads
  • Snowy conditions
  • Other off-roading scenarios

The only off-roading enthusiasts need 4-wheel drive as it helps with hauling and heavy-duty towing. A 4WD vehicle offers three modes:

  • 4H
  • 4L
  • Automatic

4WD toolbox

4WD tools

Here is a list of 4×4 tools that must fill in your toolbox:

  • Multi-tool. The multi-tool must be the first tool at the back of the 4×4. There’s no shortage of these things when you check on the market. So, get the worth-it tool – it is good quality and value. Yes, you might not want to find yourself out of nowhere in the middle of a deafening peaceful place without a knife, pliers, wire cutters, and a screwdriver, yet you need it.
  • Scan gauge. The recent addition to the four-wheel drive toolkit is the scan gauge. From the old 80 series with its traditional mechanical diesel pump and tape deck; these check and clear fault errors and codes. It is the greatest fear of a 4WD owner or driver over the 80 series.
  • 12V tools. Wiring problems are a possible issue of any car, especially in 4×4 in the bush. From fridge breakdown to not working headlights usually traced back to a faulty fuse, relay, or connector. You need to have these to get you out of trouble:
    • Multimeter
    • Crimping tool
    • Cutters
    • Insulating tape
  • Hand tools. Tailor your spanners, sockets, and screwdrivers suitable to your vehicle. With this, you don’t need imperial tools for the starters.
  • Tyre plug kit. If you travel much to a remote touring destination are expected to take the risk of staking a tyre. You can fix the puncture on the side of the track.
  • High lift jack. The high-lift jacks are the best things in the world. It is like a drunken brawler of a 4×4 world. Aside from lifting your vehicle, they are used as a press, panel-straightening, press tool, or a winch, these are better options.

You must prepare all these essential tools in your 4×4 vehicle.