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Types of repairs of electrical equipment depend on the purpose and nature of the work; the repair of electrical equipment systems is divided into current (TR), medium (SR), and capital (CR). Current repair is intended to eliminate failures and malfunctions of products and systems and ensure the resource standards of repaired products before overhaul.

Medium repairs are carried out during the operation of automotive equipment in difficult road conditions with a frequency of more than one year.

Mechanical defects in generator sets include: 

  • hanging of brushes and wear of contact rings;
  • production of seats by the bearing from the side of the slip rings and in the absence of plastic cups or corrugated steel springs that prevent the formation of this defect;
  • Seizure of the generator rotor and wear of the shaft journals.

When repairing rechargeable batteries (batteries) at the workplace, there should be devices of the E-107 and E-108 types, a battery set of the E-412 type, chargers, mechanical and electrical tools for disassembling the battery, melting jumpers, etc.

Lightning protection 

Lightning protection can be internal or external. This is if you look into the depths of the issue, as if two security circuits, which, working in tandem with each other, can almost 100% secure your home.

By the nature of the charge 

  1. Negative lightning (90%).
  2. Positive lightning (10%).

External protection 

First of all, this is a lightning rod, which is always installed at the highest point of the house, connected by a conductor to your grounding system. The task of the external lightning protection system is to catch a lightning discharge a fraction of a second before direct contact and send it to the ground through down conductors.

The lightning rod installed on the roof is usually of two types.  

  1. High metal pin
  2. A cable stretched along the entire roof ridge

Internal protection 

This type of protection is provided by special devices that are usually added to the house shield and VU (input device). The essence of these special devices is to suppose that lightning does not enter the house, but power surges occur quite often during a thunderstorm. This is because the electromagnetic field during a lightning strike can create pulsed currents in wiring and all kinds of devices.

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