Get to know more about swaddling a baby

Get to know more about swaddling a baby

For a good reason, baby swaddle has been around for generations. A lot of parents witness swaddling in the hospital first before they even have their little one home. Since nurses understand and know the benefits of swaddling a newborn. Such as less fuss, less crying, and more sleep.

Know what swaddle means

A swaddle is a fabric that is used to wrap your newborn baby to limit free movement. It invokes a sense of calm in the baby. It also aids to prevent or reduce startle reflex so that baby doesn’t wake during their sleeping periods. A swaddle can be used during naps, at night, or anytime your baby needs to be consoled or is feeling agitated.

Why babies must be swaddled?

Babies want a tight and nice swaddle since it not only imitates life inside the womb, yet also feels like a hug. That hug feeling triggered a neurological response that reduce cortisol levels. The human hormone that controlled the stress reflex is known as cortisol. Thus, lower cortisol means a baby will have less stress as well. When swaddling it’s necessary to not wrap too tightly. Only one swaddle is important, in cold temperatures, use a thicker fabric.

Know the great benefits offered by a swaddle:

  • Less crying
  • Calmer and happier babies
  • Longer stretches of sleep
  • May lessen the risk of SIDS
  • Safer sleep by removing loose blankets
  • Avoids babies from scratching their faces
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Promotes self-soothing


Know the various types of swaddles

  • Traditional blanket swaddles

Traditional blanket swaddles are soft, large, stretchy blankets or fabrics that are used to wrap your newborn. They are not particular in size so you don’t need to worry about the baby outgrows them. They come in different fabrics or various prints. A swaddled baby will let the babies sleep better and feel secure.

  • Swaddle Pods

Swaddle pods are known as the easiest type of swaddle to use. It is ideal for the newborn stage, they are little pouches or pods that you put your newbie in. And zip up to make your baby comfortable.

  • Sleepsack Swaddles

Sleepsack swaddles offer the same comforting benefits as all swaddles. Yet, sleepsack swaddles are more user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about wrapping, folding, or tucking a loose piece of blanket or fabric. These sacks are quick, easy, and super convenient. They usually feature velcro or zippers.

 How do I select the appropriate size of the swaddle?

With a lot of choices available for your baby, it will be quite confusing which one should you buy. You must consider buying depending on the weight/ size of your baby. Yet, you always prefer to ensure that the swaddle blanket is big enough to swaddle your baby properly. A lot of manufacturers and brands have a swaddle blanket size chart. You need to check carefully which size is great for your baby.