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How to deal with your unwanted gift card

You might have received many gift cards during the holiday season. It is exciting to receive gift cards from your friends and well wishers.

If you get gift cards like cash cards which are not specific to any store, you can use them comfortably. Just redeem them and get added to your prepaid gift card. But there are also chances that you might have got a store card but neither of you nor your family members can buy at that particular store and it is not useful for you.

You might be wondering what to do with unwanted gift cards you receive. Iit is nothing to worry about and you can unload your unwanted gift card in many ways as mentioned below.

Sell your gift card. Yes, you can auction and receive up to maximum of its face value. Go online and search for a site where you can exchange your gift card for cash. See which site offers you the maximum to exchange your store card. Simply exchange your gift card there and done with it.

You can give it to someone else. Regifting to another person can help you to get rid of your unwanted gift cards from your wallet. When you are attending your friend’s graduation ceremony next week, just make sure you carry your unwanted gift card and wrap it up nicely and add a flower bouquet or a chocolate box and thrill them.

One more easy way is to ask the retailer whose gift card you have if they can take that back. Get to know what rules and conditions they put for using this option.

One more option is donate it. Call a charity and ask if they accept a gift card you hold. If they say yes, donate them and done with your unwanted gift cards and you will feel satisfied for sure.

If you do not prefer any of the above options, you can simply buy any popular item with the store card you have on their particular store. Then you can resell your purchased item on online e-commerce sites. This is also a better option to do away with your unwanted gift card.