How to lower your cholesterol level with Benecol drink?

If you are suffering from the higher level of cholesterol and you need healthy & low fact drink or food, you can go for the best yogurt drink. Now days, many companies provide healthy yogurt drinks to the high cholesterol patients to help reducing their blood cholesterol level. The plant stanol ester is the main ingredient used in this drink and this ingredient is made from the vegetable oil and plant stanols. These plant sterols are naturally available in some foods such as edible seeds, plants, and grains which are really effective for lowering the cholesterol.

Why choosing Benecol?

  • Benecol is the top manufacturer of this yogurt drink which is clinically proven that it consumes 2g of plant stanols in your day to day diet.
  • If you add this yogurt drink in your daily die for two to three weeks, your cholesterol level will be lowered up to 7-10 %.
  • Every bottle of Benecol yogurt drink has 2 grams of plant stanol esters.
  • Anyone can drink it as the part of your day to day diet or just have it with your daily meals.

It is highly suggested that you have to take the balanced diet with this yogurt drink along with some daily exercise routine in order to increase your cholesterol lowering effect. There are various types of tests and clinical researches which have proved that this plant stanol ester is 100 % safe and effective to use for all types of body without any side effects.