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Important things to know about bicycle and its light

Buying bicycle lights online is not a tough task. All that you need to do is grab a complete understanding of the main characteristics of the bicycle light:

  • dimensions
  • light intensity
  • fastening
  • batteries

 It is clear in terms of dimensions – a different design of flashlights which you should buy bike lights online is provided both for good cooling of the device and the installation of batteries in it, and for giving a certain style. Here you decide whether the flashlight should fit in style and other characteristics are not so important, or whether it should be practical and shine as long and brightly as possible.

With the characteristics of light is somewhat more complicated. When choosing, one should take into account such important parameters as: luminous flux, light scattering and illumination. For many, this is the same thing, but it is not.

The power of the luminous flux is indicated on any device whose purpose is lighting and is indicated in lumens. Lumens is a general indicator of the power of the luminous flux, it shows how much light a device produces without scattering.

Scattering of light– the angle of exit of the light flux from the light source. This is an individual parameter, selected taking into account ride comfort. It is more convenient for someone to ride with a flashlight that illuminates 150-180º, for someone you need a flashlight that illuminates distant objects with a dispersion angle of 15-20º.

Some simply combine lighting – they put two or three lights with different scattering angles like low and high beams in a car.

buy bike lights online


Initially, all vehicle headlight mounts were non-removable, but now other types of mounts have appeared for more convenient use. Rigidly fixed lamps are used in limited cases – when a stable source of illumination is needed and the dimensions of the lamp are quite large.

Silicone flashlight mount

Elastic mount: The strap, made of silicone, quickly and conveniently attaches to any place on the steering wheel, frame, spokes, taking a few seconds to install. On marker lamps made of silicone, both the body and the mount are often performed. The advantages include low cost and ease of installation. The disadvantages are fragility, inability to use in the cold season and poor fixation of the lantern.

Body mount: it is carried out with the help of ties on an elastic band and Velcro. One of the most convenient attachment methods, often used by cyclists to attach marker lights, reflective strips , backpack and helmet attachments.

Rear lights are also available, indicating a safe zone using lasers. The vast majority of rear lights have multiple flashing programs to improve visibility on the road.