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Make Your Web Anonymously: Know the Different Types of the Proxy Servers

Anyone who likes to protect their identity and confidential data from being hacked by any malicious attackers on the internet will always like to use an online proxy or proxy server. Online proxy is actually very easy to use, and today there are thousands of free and paid proxy server providers are available online.

Paid proxy servers have a lot of features and benefits compared to the free one. So, if you are from any organization or you’ll use it for professional use, it is highly recommended to choose and buy a premium proxy. In a paid proxy server, you’ll get a high level of security and it will be more protective and will only be dedicated to the service they offer.

Actually, there are lots of premium and reliable proxy servers are available, just do a research and for the ultimate one and check their fees according to the features available depending on your needs. However, if you are just a casual internet user that want to try Online proxy, there are lots of proxy websites available online.

free proxy

Different Types of Proxy Servers

But first, you must learn about the different types of proxy servers that will perfectly suit your needs. Actually, not all proxy servers are works the same way. It’s crucial to understand the functionality fully and always making sure that the proxy servers meets your needs.

  • Anonymous Proxy – usually, an anonymous proxy will always identify itself as a proxy, but it won’t pass your actual IP address to the web server. It also gives you access to browse the internet anonymously. Hiding your original IP address will help to stop a web server from giving you ads or any marketing content based in your location.
  • High Anonymity Proxy – it’ll change your IP address frequently, making it more difficult to log your activity on what internet traffic you belong with. It is the most private type and most secure process when browsing to the internet.
  • Distorting Proxy – this type of proxy servers proceed along with the fake IP address for you while verifying itself as a proxy. Actually, it is very similar to an anonymous proxy, however, by passing a fake IP address on the web server, it can change your location in order to access restricted content.
  • Transparent Proxy – this type of proxy servers will tell a website that it is a proxy server and still pass along your original IP address. This is most commonly used in businesses, schools, and public libraries, and it is usually used in transparent proxies for content restricting and plus, they are easy to set up both the user and the server side.