Reasons Why You Should Select Cremation

Cremation is very popular these days. Every year more and more people are cremated. Some people may have no choice but to be cremated because cremation is a common practice in their country. Cremation is also required in certain religions. When you die, you can ask your family to cremate you.

Excellent reasons why you should go to a cremation rather than a funeral:

  • Your family doesn’t need to buy a burial plot nowadays, cemeteries charge very high fees. Remember, a burial plot can cost up to ten thousand dollars if you choose to be buried in a private cemetery. Think about the money that will be spent on you. You are already dead and will not benefit from being buried in the ground. It would be nice if your family didn’t worry about buying a burial site.

  • Your family does not need to buy a coffin. An ordinary metal coffin usually costs one and a half thousand to two thousand dollars. Bronze and copper boxes are very expensive, about ten thousand dollars. There are also coffins adorned with gold and precious stones. Of course, boxes made from high quality wood can also be costly.

  • Your funeral will be much easier. Some people find traditional funerals too elegant. If you are one of those people, cremation funeral plans will benefit you. Your family won’t have to spend too much on funerals. They won’t have to worry about traditional funerals’ costs. As a rule, cremation funerals do not last long.

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  • Your family can keep your ashes. Wealthy families, especially those of origin, have a particular building on their territory where the ashes of their loved ones are kept. If your ashes are kept at home, your family will have no problem traveling to cemeteries.

  • The location of his body could be solemn: when a person is buried, his body is just waiting to rot in that particular spot in the cemetery. However, your ashes may be scattered in different places if you go to the cremation. For example, some people ask to have their ashes scattered in the sea or their favorite lake. It is interesting to note that ancient navigators wished their remains were scattered at sea. Scattering the ashes is considered a solemn funeral rite.

Consider these reasons to decide whether you want to be buried or cremated according to your last wish. It depends on the family how and where the last ashes will be buried. Often a cremation service is held in a cemetery near where the ashes are stored. It is also known as burial.


A cremation burial is slightly different from a traditional burial if the ashes are stored in a cemetery. The urn is sometimes placed on the ground like a coffin and sometimes in a vault.