Servicing: Your car’s doctor

Servicing is required for all vehicles. There are several reasons which act as an advantage in servicing your car. There is no negative aspect to servicing your car. Carelessness can cost you big on a long run. The famous proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” holds good here. Servicing reduces the risk of your car as well as your health. If you are caught by laziness then have a self-servicing. No doubt full servicing has to be once in every six months to avoid problems in your car.

Servicing Types

Servicing is of two types. One is self-servicing where you yourself take care of the car by checking your cars bonnet, engine. Looking for the fluids requirement and maintaining its balance to avoid creasing of the car. If the right fluid is not provided then your car may refuse to run. Check the air filters yourself. There is a time gap of 12 months to change the filter, do it yourself to skip the installation cost. Also do check the oil filters, if it requires an attention.

If you don’t have any idea about servicing then go for full servicing. They have a professional technician who takes care of your beloved car. They are experienced and know the head and tail of all cars. It usually takes 3-4 hours for a full service. In this scheme, they check for every fault in your car. This is the best option.

Merits of Servicing

There’s a big list of advantages you have in service. Few of them are

  1. Performance: Performance is what helps you determine the condition of the car. Servicing improves the performances of the car and makes it run smoothly. It also makes the vehicle fuel efficient.
  2. Safety: It may also occur that not servicing your care may make it break down. This would most likely have your car crashed when you are on the road. It can take your life. Be safe by going for a regular servicing.
  3. Lengthening: Serving lengthens the durability of your car. It saved you money from repairs.


If the vehicle is serviced timely then it would save you bucks because it is better to fix thing at an early age than later. If the fixes are kept on hold then you might also have to replace it which would cost you more than the investments at an early age. The radiator, engine, cylinder gasket are very costly if you go for a replacement. So make sure you take your car for service at the right time. If you are thinking of reliable car then go for honda fresno.