see kangaroos near melbourne

Tips on how you can help kangaroo on your trip

If you do not see the kangaroo on your trip to Australia that means you have missed one of the important itineraries on your list. You will be surprised to know that the population of kangaroo is more than the Australian people. The male kangaroos are called boomers and the female kangaroo is called jill and the group of kangaroo is called the mob. You can see kangaroos near melbourne, the kangaroos are herbivorous usually. There are a few things which you can do to help the kangaroo on your trip.

  • Do not feed your food to kangaroos: When you visit the kangaroo sanctuary there are chances that you can find some kangaroos on the road and a few of them are very friendly and they also loved to get some feed from you. But make sure that you do not feed your food to them. They are all found by eating the grass but if you feed some food from the packet then the preservatives used in it may cause them trouble.
  • Don’t drive in the night in the outback: There is a high risk of your vehicle getting colliding with the kangaroos on the way and it can cause damage to both you can the kangaroos. If you are traveling through rental cars then most of them do not cover the insurance when you travel in the night.
  • Call the kangaroo sanctuary if you find any injured kangaroo: The kangaroo collision with a vehicle is common in Australia. That is why you can find the contact number on the roads so that you can alert them if you find any injured kangaroo. If by mistake you hit any kangaroo do not forget to check the pouch as there can be a baby kangaroo in the pouch.


It is always better that we stay alert and make sure that none of the animals get hurt on our trip.