Top 5 best selling Polish Furniture

Polish Furniture is the one of the best quality and beautiful furniture in the world. In this article, we combine the list of best-selling Polskie meble UK.

Z26 Dining Table Set

ZS6 is the best selling Dining table set in the UK. This dining set was crafted with high quality and carefully selected woods. The set consists of the single table and seven chairs. The color of the table is Wooden Brown.  The table set to cost up to £ 874.61.

Tango Wardrobe

Tango wardrobe is the best selling Wardrobe collection since 2012. It is the three door wardrobe storage can store all of your dresses. The dimension of this wardrobe is 212x207x61. This wardrobe is available in three different colors Plum / Black gloss, Sonoma bright / White gloss, Sonoma Dark / Black. This wardrobe costs up to £ 778.85.

Chico RRcollection Sofa

Chico RRcollection Sofa is the corner sofa. This sofa is the dual sofa which can be used for dual purposes for sitting and sleeping.  The dimension of this sofa is 245 x 184 x 68. If it is converted to sleep mode the dimension of the sleeping area is 200 x 125 cm. This sofa is available with the three different types of material will different prices. The actual cost of the sofa with the normal material is £ 647.27. If the buyer chooses, Materials from the Sampler it cost more £ 96.00 and for a Special order, it cost more £ 200.00.

Gracja couch Unimebel

Gracja couch Unimebel is the sofa that takes 3 adults in its cushion. The color of this sofa is Bistre. The dimension of this sofa is 207/93/93 cm. The sleeping dimension of the sofa is 196/127 cm. You can order this sofa with four different materials and price of the sofa get altered based on the materials you choose. If you choose the sofa with material A the sofa cost up to £ 591.36, which is the actual cost of the sofa. If you choose it with material B you need to pay more £ 20.00. If you go with material C, the price of the sofa increases more £ 63.00 and last final option is Real Leather Material which cost you more £ 442.00 but it worth it.

KORAL 2 Krajan Wall Units

Without KORAL 2 Krajan Wall Unit it is not possible to complete list of best-selling  Polskie meble UK. This Stunning wall unit adds more beauty to your house. The craftsmanship of this wall unit is really wonderful.  The dimension of the product comprises with the length of 300 /209 cm and with the width of 102/71cm. The wall you are available in the two different colors Olive, Havana. The price of this wall unit is £ 502.88. These are the best selling furniture in the UK.