What are recruiters seeking for while hiring these days!!

There is no doubt that recruiters always look for candidates with relevant job experience and academic qualifications. But these days, they are looking at several other factors as well. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about the same.

Jobs are back, but not those lost during recession

Reports clearly indicate that the American economy is in its best phase since 2008’s great recession. Low interest rates, falling gas prices, and improvement in job creation are signals that economy is on the right track. But this may not be good news for job seekers because experts suggest that jobs that are coming back offer lower wages compared to those lost during the last five years. So, one has to be very careful during the interview procedure and get the best possible employment terms.

Jobs are back, but not those lost during recession

Everyone may not agree, but these days, companies are hiring people who are willing to work day and night, and that too, with lowest pay packages, and employee benefits possible. Companies do have great deals to offer, but they will remove those impressive offer letters only if candidate proves himself/ herself to be the best one among the huge crowd.

Employment terms

Will your employer “force” you to work on public holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will your employer allow you to join labor unions? Does your employer expect you to work overtime every month? What is the compensation offered for an hour of overtime every day? Make sure that you find answers for all the questions.

Read reviews about company

This is the era of social networking sites. At-least someone from the company’s former employees must have reviewed/ rated his or her company after resigning. So, find reviews, and try to understand what the company’s former employees think about the organization.

Did the company fire any of its employees as part of massive job cuts in the past? Does the company make salary payment on time? Does the organization believe in treating all the employees equally? Was the company involved in any kind of irregularities, or fraud in the past? How many processes of the organization are outsourced to developing countries? Is the company in condition to offer job stability to all its employees? What is the company’s position in the share market, and who are its investors? Get answers for all these and other questions in your mind before signing the employment letter.

Remember, whenever companies declare even one job opening, they receive thousands of resumes, and meet several candidates during selection process. Recruiters will get impressed and think about recruiting you only if you prove that you know everything about the company. So, make sure that you know in-and-out about the company.

As far as products, services, and public image about the company is concerned, you can understand all these factors by simple following the company or organization’s social media pages and blogs. Read about their most appreciated products and services. Collect information about their negative aspects that are discussed by their customers.

Remain confident throughout various rounds of interview

This may sound weird, but these days, most of the hiring managers hire individuals on the basis of gut feelings and also after considering their overall body language. It is advisable to be confident, be sharp and attentive while answering interview questions.

Employment terms

Several companies also look at psychological, emotional, and IQ level related skills while hiring new employees.

Never show the interviewer that you desperately need a job. These days, several companies decide compensation amount and other employment terms after carefully considering various psychological factors like candidate’s desperation level for job as well. So, that great work experience, and friendly smile might not prove to be enough to get the best deal possible.

As mentioned earlier, be sharp and confident while answering questions show your willingness to learn new processes and to unlearn something from your past. But don’t try to sell yourself. There are several job interviewers that go on gut feeling. Usually, interviewers love candidates that discuss more about the company, and are also aware about the organization’s structure, board of directors, etc. Just be yourself, and prove within first few minutes that you are the best candidate.